2021-Sept-16: BLC Briefing, The Importance of Biomarkers

Sep 16, 2021 12:00PM—1:00PM

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The Growing Importance of Biomarkers – Improving Health, Reducing Costs.

By some accounts, the future of medicine, especially precision medicine, will be predicated on the use of biomarkers – biological characteristics that can be objectively measured accurately and reproducibly with specialized tools and technologies – that can aid in understanding the prediction, cause, diagnosis, progression, and regression of disease, and as a consequence of therapeutic treatments or medical interventions.

The Michigan Cancer and Biosciences Legislative Caucuses present jointly an opportunity to learn about the application of biomarkers towards improving health access and driving down healthcare costs.

Join us virtually on September 16th at 12 PM as experts from around the state discuss the science and application of biomarker testing, how biomarkers have advanced treatment for so many patients and the critical need to make testing more accessible for Michiganders.



  • Andrew Schepers – Government Relations Director – MI, American Cancer Society, Cancer Action Network, Inc (Welcome)
  • Stephen Rapundalo, PhD – President and CEO, MichBio (Moderator)
  • Nadia Haque, PharmD, MHSA – Biomarker Testing Account Executive, Genentech
  • Daniel Hayes, MD, FASCO, FACP – Stuart B. Padnos Professor of Breast Cancer Research, UM Rogel Cancer Center
  • Michael McCarty – Patient and Lead Counsel, Dow Chemical
  • Dan Rhodes, PhD – Founder and CEO, Strata Oncology
  • Alyssa Tushman – Owner, Burn Fitness
  • State Rep. Andrea Schroeder (R-43) (Closing)

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