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  • Company Name: Cayman Chemical Company


    City: Ann Arbor

    State/Province: MI

    Primary Bioscience Category: Pharma & Therapeutics - Diagnostic & Research Products

    Organization Description: Cayman Chemical Company specializes in the manufacturing of research reagents with a focus in lipid synthesis/ analysis, forensic standards, and prostaglandin-type APIs while also providing contract services to support researchers from academia, biotech, and pharma. Manufacturing and contract services are focused in Ann Arbor and through its subsidiary, Matreya LLC, in State College, PA. Distribution centers in Hamburg, DE (Biomol GmbH) and Tallinn, EE (Cayman Europe) assist with delivery of products throughout Europe in addition to a global network of distribution partners. Cayman’s drug discovery division has pre-clinical drug discovery efforts underway for bone restoration/repair, muscular dystrophy, oncology, and inflammation with partnership opportunities available. Through its non-profit affiliate CABRI, Cayman supports the research community by offering sponsorships and grants. Since 1980, Cayman remains committed to providing affordable, high-quality products to help make research possible.

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