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If you are a member, we will feature your news and events in our monthly BioLink newsletter. The email newsletter is delivered to roughly 18,000 contacts on our mailing lists - including current and former members, elected officials, faculty and students, industry contacts and more.

Simply send in your news or event and we will take care of the rest.

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Tell your story in our twice-annual BioMatters® magazine - an industry-leading publication featuring articles and information from member organizations and invited guests. Check out past editions.

As a member, your company could be featured with a full spread of editorial content and photos, an emerging company bio, or an advertiser. Don't have a writer on staff? Don't worry, we can help come up with article ideas, edit or revise a draft, or even interview you and craft an article based on your notes.

If you would like to submit an article or place an ad contact MichBio at

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Some of our member companies have very specific needs - someone to help them through the regulatory process, an IP attorney, a technical writer - if your services align with the needs of one of our companies, we will connect you. It's that easy.

As part of our BioConnections® program, if you're a member, you can request help finding and connecting to resources that meet your specific needs. Simply fill out the business referral form and let us take it from there.

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Are you hosting an event and want to get connected with a broader audience? As a member, you can submit an event for us to add to our calendar. Any event that's on the calendar is added to our monthly newsletter and pushed out on our social media. What's more, if we know of specific companies or individuals that we know would benefit from your event, we will reach out to them personally with the information.

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We love our members, and we love to share your stories on our social media. If you have news, events, fun stories, special pricing, fliers, or helpful tips - and you're a member - send them over and we will schedule them on our social media. Just be sure to include the content you want to go with it and any hashtags (because we can't read your mind).

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We host a number of events - some big, some small, some casual and others more formal and educational. For each event, or event series there are sponsorship opportunities. Depending on the sponsorship level, you might get to introduce a speaker, have an exhibit table, get your logo on all the event materials, or have promotional items in the event bag. If you're looking for exposure or to demonstrate connectedness to the industry sponsoring an event could be the right investment for you.

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