CABRI Announces Call for Proposals on Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediator Analytical Methods

The Cayman Biomedical Research Institute (CABRI) is pleased to announce a call for proposals that support essential research on specialized pro-resolving mediator (SPM) analytical methods.

There is a critical need for basic research on analytical methods used for specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs). SPMs are a family of lipid metabolites derived from polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that promote the resolution of inflammation and have been detected in several experimental models and human conditions. However, researchers using mass spectrometry-based methods have been in conflict with each other, and do not agree on how much, if any, SPMs are present in biologically relevant contexts. Hence, continued research on SPM analytical methods is necessary for this field to move forward.

CABRI is offering research grants in amounts up to $100,000 to support this need. We encourage anyone seeking to provide clarity to SPM analytical methods to apply for these research grants.

Research proposal applications may be submitted on the CABRI website. These applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

CABRI is a nonprofit foundation that supports research on rare illnesses and orphan diseases. As part of CABRI’s commitment to the greater scientific community, CABRI awards research grants to academic scientists that address basic science research objectives with the highest unmet needs.

See some of CABRI’s past research grant recipients here.

Contact CABRI with any questions about this funding opportunity.

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