Local Entrepreneur Brings Medical Device Manufacturing software into 21st Century

Menlo Park Software Founder and CEO Rick Bollinger has begun an industry discovery campaign. He is interviewing manufacturing experts to explore their most pressing problems and how they deal with them.

He says “medical device manufacture is a high-stakes industry”. It’s still using mainframe era software for product development and regulatory compliance. “what’s needed is 21st century software” the Founder suggests. A platform that can manage all device development and*simultaneously document* regulatory compliance to multiple standards. Also, solve unique and complex problems found in this new

The Founder invites leaders to join his campaign: “Your FDA history files tell your story, right? What would you have them say?”, he asks.

The offer

Interview on the current state of the industry. In return: (1) GET A FREE DEMO, (2) see 21st century technology serving this industry, (3)
take a peek at the Future of History Files, and (4) get your *Interview Token *. Currently, there are only 81 remaining to earn a full demo and be invited to the cast party at the end of this discovery campaign.

About the Founder

Mr. Bollinger holds an M.S.E. in computer engineering and a B.S.E in industrial engineering (cum laude). Both from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has been certified as Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute, and as Six Sigma Green Belt by the
Institute of Industrial Engineers.

The Founder has managed many projects in several industries, including medical device and pharmaceutical manufacture. Becoming an independent
management consultant this last decade.

Learn more: menloparksoftware.com

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